The Art of War

public - created 03/22/04
This is a military history/science tribe open to discuss topics pertaining to wars new and old. What mistakes did some famous generals make? What would you have done? Are there any military campaigns you feel have been overlooked in the annals of history? Discussion of war games is not out of place here, the greatest generals in the world practiced with wooden pieces and artificial terrain. Speaking of generals, who do you think is the greatest? What should we have done in Iraq? Afghanistan? RSS Feed what is XML?

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BENGAZI  topic
Photoshop Wars  topic
The Syrian Revolution  topic
Syria's Kurds  topic
UAVs  topic
Fortress Israel  topic
Rape  topic
Turkey  topic
Chinese Hackers  topic
Dervish  photo flag
Iranian Woes  topic
India  topic
Cyber Warfare  topic
Hungary: Back to the Future  topic
The Rising Sun  topic
Egypt: Here We Go Again  topic
The Enemy Within  topic
"Game of Thrones"  topic
Iwo Monument.jpg  photo flag
Play Wargames?  topic
The Light At the End of the Tunnel  topic
WW2 Fighter Found in Egypt  topic
Our Allies, the Pakistanis  topic
Hezbollah  topic
The War on Drugs  topic

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